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Hi! I'm Kristen


Painting is healing.

Healing is living. 

Come Heal With Me!

A Little About Me :

I started my personal painting journey back in January 2018. I found myself at a point in my life where I was feeling overwhelmed and was using food as my therapy. I needed to find a better outlet for the stress and uncertainty I was feeling. I made a conscious effort to focus more on myself and find my way back to me! When I first started - it was all about daily practice, finding my style but quickly transformed into : ...I couldn't paint fast enough! All this emotion was pouring out of me and brought up a lot of deep-rooted traumas that I had pushed away for many years. With each painting, I started to feel a weight lift. I was allowing myself to process while using painting as my new form of therapy. I'm a self-taught painter formally educated in Industrial Design at Massachusetts College of Art & Design. Art has always been a passion of mine, from weekends spent as a little girl with my grandparents to now owning a kid's art studio - SplatterBox with my husband and dog for the past 8 years. I've always been an artist at heart but now I'm living it!


This brings me to the most exciting thing to come since starting this healing journey - I've realized my passion - and my passion is PAINTING and the mental and emotional freedom that comes with it! I want to help you tap into your underlying emotions and release any form of negativity that is leaving you feeling stressed, burdened or alone. Through this 5 week workshop, I will help you navigate your feelings and translate them into a beautiful piece of art that will allow you to shed light on what once was a burden and now something beautiful to reflect on.


- Kristen


This workshop is for

a n y o n e .  Whether dealing with a specific issue or just the stress of everyday life. Everyone can benefit from this 

5-week workshop of healing, self-care, and growth.

Painting Is Healing.

Healing Is Living.


I offer this 5-week workshop to small intimate groups of 4. Each session is 2 hours long and will consist of :





Therapeutic Exercises

Self Discovery


Painting can help you release stressors. The very act of choosing a path, loading your brush and making that first mark sends a physical response through your body. Painting helps with problem-solving techniques and is a great tool for overcoming anxieties and other mental challenges.


5 Sessions  |  2 Hours Per  | INQUIRE

Healing WS Group A :

Wednesday  |  7:00 - 9:00



Healing WS Group B :

Thursday  |  7:00 - 9:00



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Dear Future Healer,

This experience is for YOU! It's a safe place for you to come and relax - share any or all based on your comfort level. While you explore your emotions through your private journal, I will help as much as I can to pull those feelings out and onto the canvas. Each healer will receive a 36"x36" blank canvas during our first session - I can't wait to watch you and your story blossom out of thin air! 

. . .


- Kristen